Leftover vegetable soup

Serves: Four to Six people

Cooktime: Two hours

A warming bowl of vegetable soup – amazing on a winters day or when you’re feeling under the weather. This is called ‘leftover vegetable soup’ as I usually make it when in my house we’ve bought too many vegetables or, as I found at the start of lockdown, the shops went through a phase of mainly having only the root vegetable packs with some additional vegetables available.

I always start with raw vegetables when I make soup – I cook what I need for other dishes and keep raw leftovers as I know it gives me more freedom when using them later on.

In my opinion, soup is a great way to tackle food waist as it means you can use those leftover veggies and you can freeze it for future use. I have included the vegetables for the pictured soup however this will work with most vegetables as long as you have stock and a good size pot.


  • One leek
  • One large onion
  • Three medium sized potatoes
  • Five carrots
  • Two parsnips
  • One pint of vegetable stock (a stock cube or pot with water is fine)
  • Henderson’s Relish (or Worcestershire sauce or another veggie alternative)
  • Mustard powder (I used Coleman’s)
  • Two bay leaves
  • Two tablespoons of butter
  • Water
  • Salt and pepper
  • Milk (optional)
  • Cream (optional)

Scroll down, past the photos, for the method


  • Roughly chop the onions and leeks. Melt the butter in a large saucepan or stockpot and fry both with the bay leaves on a medium to low heat. If they start sticking to the pan, add a splash of water
  • While the onions and leeks cook, peel the potatoes and roughly chop all the vegetables
  • Prepare your stock – for this soup I used a stock cube which I added the Henderson’s Relish, a pinch of salt and pepper and mustard powder to in a jug
  • Add the vegetables to the pan and stir them in with a glug of water. Fry all of the vegetables together for a couple of minutes.
  • Add the stock mix to the pan and top it off with water. I usually fill the pan, however if you are using a giant pan, I fill it until the liquid looks like it is double the amount of vegetables in the pan.
  • Bring the pan up to the boil before leaving it to simmer on a medium heat. This can take around and hour – make sure you check on it and stir it from time to time
  • Once the liquid is only just covering the vegetables, and the vegetables are tender. Switch the heat off and blend the soup per your blender’s instructions. My blender can blend hot food and liquids, but some makes will require you to cool the soup first
  • Once the soup has been blended, season it to taste and adjust it to your preferred consistency using milk or water.

Serve the soup with a cream swirl in the middle (optional) and some crusty bread. It also goes well with some parsley on the top. The soup can be stored in the fridge for three days and is safe to store in the freezer once it has cooled.

Published by missazzab

I'm a 27-year-old creative based in Cardiff in south Wales. I love chocolate and cooking - especially desserts which involve chocolate or zingy ingredients like ginger, garlic or chilli - hence why I started The Tasty Egg. I'm a Christian who loves heavy metal music and chilling.

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