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Cheating next level ‘bacon’ and cheese veggie burgers

Serves: Two people Cooktime: 30 – 140 minutes Cheating next level ‘bacon’ and cheese burgers – what’s the secret? Marinating your burger patties! I’ve done this with Linda McCartney’s, Quorn and the Meatless Farm Company. Speaking as a former meat lover, this marinade (based off the ingredients I used to add to my homemade beefContinue reading “Cheating next level ‘bacon’ and cheese veggie burgers”

Leftover vegetable soup

Serves: Four to Six people Cooktime: Two hours A warming bowl of vegetable soup – amazing on a winters day or when you’re feeling under the weather. This is called ‘leftover vegetable soup’ as I usually make it when in my house we’ve bought too many vegetables or, as I found at the start ofContinue reading “Leftover vegetable soup”

Sweet Sriracha Glazed Soya with Stir-fried Veggie noodles

Glazed Soya ingredients: 200g of soya pieces or tofu (I recommend the Tesco chicken style soya pieces or Cauldron firm tofu) Rapeseed oil Two teaspoons of soy sauce Six tablespoons of honey One to two tablespoons of Sriracha (depending on how hot you like it) Stir-fry ingredients: Soy sauce A tablespoon of honey Two teaspoonsContinue reading “Sweet Sriracha Glazed Soya with Stir-fried Veggie noodles”

A whisk and eggs on a cookbook

Baking Guide

Some handy tips for baking at home – this section will be updated as Ariane remembers baking tips, but bear with her – she can be forgetful. Is my cake mix the ‘right’ consistency? To check your cake, assuming it’s a simple sponge, is the correct consistency you will need a metal dessert spoon. GetContinue reading “Baking Guide”

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