American Style Potato Salad

Serves: Two people Cooktime: 30 minutes You may be wondering why you’re looking at a recipe for potato salad. Truthfully, despite eating it as a child a couple of times, I only remembered it existed after hearing contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race, All Stars joke about it. After making it a few times and someContinue reading “American Style Potato Salad”

Leftover vegetable soup

Serves: Four to Six people Cooktime: Two hours A warming bowl of vegetable soup – amazing on a winters day or when you’re feeling under the weather. This is called ‘leftover vegetable soup’ as I usually make it when in my house we’ve bought too many vegetables or, as I found at the start ofContinue reading “Leftover vegetable soup”

Baking Guide

Some handy tips for baking at home – this section will be updated as Ariane remembers baking tips, but bear with her – she can be forgetful. Is my cake mix the ‘right’ consistency? To check your cake, assuming it’s a simple sponge, is the correct consistency you will need a metal dessert spoon. GetContinue reading “Baking Guide”